On request, we can also provide you with your test certificates in digital form, which renders them accessible anytime via our web portal. The only requirement is that the test item should be equipped with an RFID chip.

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Tested and certified –

beyond doubt.


Professional associations (BG), accident-prevention regulations (UVV) and industrial safety ordinances require regular testing of lifting equipment, slings and load-handling attachments and personal protective equipment by a certified expert.
In the event of any accidents caused by failure to observe these provisions, the responsible individual, managing director or safety representatives are  personally liable.

In our capacity as an authorised business, we take on this responsibility for you by implementing the specified tests. We test your products and document the findings with a recognised test seal, while any resources which are no longer in working order will be replaced. Plus, just to make sure you don’t miss the next test date, we will remind you automatically and in time.

Depending on your requirements, we can handle all of the following:
- Visual inspections
- Load tests
- Functional tests
- Crack tests

We test:
- Slings and accessories
- Lifting devices
- Load-carrying attachments
- Power-driven windows, doors, gates
- Industrial trucks, forklifts, pallet trucks
- Scissor lift tables (lifting platforms)
- Loading bridges and mobile ramps
- Personal protective equipment to prevent falling

Naturally, you can also select the inspection venue:
- On your premises
- At the location of use
- Within our specialist department

Prompt replacement for worn-out parts:
Chains and components no longer fit for service can be repaired or replaced by our specialist personnel at your request during the test procedure.

Our documents:
- Issuing a test certificate
- Creating a chain record card (if not already established)
- On request, computerised data acquisition
- Regular monitoring of the testing periods